Tom Snelgrove
Artist Statement
Artist Statement

Focusing primarily on experimental time-based work, as well as painting and drawing, my practice centers on global interconnectivity.

I am increasingly concerned with a worldwide epidemic of corrosive politics that is leaving a divided planet in its wake. The prominence of an “us vs. them” message, from many of our world leaders, is driving dehumanizing policy. The purpose of this divisive policy is for political gain not advancing societies.

Regardless of personal experiences, stepping back and looking at this global phenomenon, it’s hard not to see this divisiveness as an artificial construct. It comes in the form of hateful rhetoric, fortified borders, anti-immigration agendas and the portrayal of human rights as a barrier to national interests.

My work employs nonlinear narratives that highlight the fallibility of this view of the world as a divided one. Each piece illustrates global interconnectivity by exploring particular historical references, myths and existing commonalities among cultures close and distant.