Tom Snelgrove
Artist Statement
Artist Statement
I began my current body of work to make a broader statement about the basic relationship we have with each other and our world. I have been interested in how closely each creature and object is tied to the next. It occurred to me that this interconnectivity is so unrestrained and natural that most of us are not even aware of how one thing can affect the other.

Whether working with oil on panel, acrylic on paper or video production tools, I begin each piece with scenes from nature and daily life. I use these scenes to investigate various situations with the veil lifted. After making adjustments large and small, the final work will have developed into something far different from where it started. Ultimately, each piece may illustrate a variety of connections or explore particular historical references, myths and commonalities often overlooked.

From afar, my candy-colored pieces may appear simply lightsome, but upon closer investigation, they reveal that things are not always as they seem.